Saint James Organ


The original Saint James organ was built by the Hook and Hastings Organ Company of Boston, Mass. in 1928 as the firm's opus 2554.  The 12-rank Hook and Hastings organ served the St. James congregation well until various parts of the organ began to deteriorate.  After consultation, study, and several congregational meetings, the decision was made that it was necessary for a new organ to be built for St. James.  The desire of St. James was to retain the architectural integrity of the church interior as much as possible and to keep those parts of the Hook and Hastings organ that could be refurbished and reused—the console, pipes, Deagan Chimes, and the Harp—and build an organ that would adequately fill the church with music to glorify God.  With the vision and dedication of a devoted organ study committee, the organ was enlarged in 1986 to about four times the size of the original Hook and Hastings Organ.  Much of the old Hook and Hastings Organwas re-worked and incorporated into the new 48-rank, three-manual and pedal organ currently in the sanctuary.  This increased the total number of pipes from 723 to 2,493.  Along with this renovation was the addition of the Gallery Organ which is housed in the balcony.  This division alone is comprised of seven ranks of pipes and includes the stately Festival Trumpet which extends horizontally from the wall. Then in 2004, Saint James entered into another extensive organ renovation project which included a new solid state, three-manual and pedal console and extensive work in the organ chambers.  As part of this renovation, preparations were made to complete all the divisions of the organ to a standard compliment of stops with pricnipal choruses on all the manuals. This organ can be played from any of the four divisions of the main organ console.  The organ was re-dedicated during a Festival Choral Eucharist on Sunday, November 14, 2008 with Dr. Gerre Hancock (Organist and Master of Choristers, Emeritus, Saint Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue, New York City) serving as organist.  Dr. Hancock played a Re-dedication recital that same afternoon.  This grand Hook and Hastings Pipe Organ stands as a testimony to St. James’ commitment to its rich musical heritage as well as its commitment to serving God and this community for centuries to come.

 mark at organ 
Hook and Hastings Organ Company
Boston, Massachusetts
Opus 2554
 1928, 1986, 2004

GREAT ORGAN (Unexpressive)
16’  Bourdon 
  8’  Principal
  8’  Harmonic Flute (prepared)
  8’  Gedeckt
  4’  Octave   
  4’  Koppel Flute
  2’  Super Octave
  II  Sesquialtera
  IV  Fourniture 
  8’  Harmonic Trumpet (prepared)
  8’  Festival Trumpet  (Gallery)
16’  Great to Great
  4’  Great to Great
        Great Unison Off

CHOIR ORGAN (Expressive)
  8’  Diapason (prepared)
  8’  Cor d nuit
  8’  Dolce
  8’   Dolce Celeste
  4’  Principal (prepared)
  4’  Harmonic Flute
  2 2/3’  Nazard
  2’  Octave (prepared)
  2’  Blockflute
  1 3/5’  Tierce
  8’  Cromorne
  8’  Festival Trumpet  (Gallery)
  16’  Choir to Choir
  4’  Choir to Choir
  Tower Carillon
  Choir Unison Off 

GALLERY ORGAN (Unexpressive)
  8’  Hohlflute
  4’  Principal
  4’  Rohrflute
  III  Mixture
  16’  Festival Trumpet
  8’  Festival Trumpet
  4’  Festival Trumpet
SWELL ORGAN (Expressive)
  8’  Geigen (prepared )
  8’  Rohrflute
  8’  Viola
  8’  Viola Celeste
  4’  Principal
  4’  Stopped Flute
  2’  Fifteenth (prepared)
  2’  Piccolo
  III  Mixture
  16’  Trumpet 
  8’  Trumpet
  8’  Cornopean (prepared)
  8’  Oboe
  4’  Clarion
  4’  Schalmei
  8’  Festival Trumpet  (Gallery)
  16’  Swell to Swell
  4’  Swell to Swell
       Swell Unison Off

PEDAL ORGAN (Unexpressive)
  32’  Subbourdon
  16’  Principal
  16’  Open Wood (prepared)
  16’  Bourdon
  16’  Gedeckt 
  16’  Gallery Bourdon (prepared)
  8’  Principal
  8’  Bourdon 
  4’  Octave
  4’  Bourdon
  2’  Super Octave
  32’  Contra Bassoon (prepared)
  16’  Posaune
  16’  Trumpet (Swell)
  8’  Trumpet (Swell)
  8’  Oboe (Swell)
  4’  Oboe (Swell)

Renovated original 1928 Hook and Hastings oak organ console; AGO standard, three-manual draw knob, Case, and manual keys, Pedal Board and keys  Pedal and key naturals are made from maple and sharps from rosewood.

Solid State; 99 memory levels, each with 12 Generals (thumb and toe), 6 Great (thumb), 6 Swell (thumb), 6 Choir (thumb), 6 Pedal (toe), 3Gallery (thumb), divisional cancels, and General Cancel.  Accessories: Transposer, Sequencer, Zymbelstern, Great - Choir Manual Transfer (Thumb)

COUPLERS (tablets)
 To Pedal at 8’ and 4’: Great, and Swell
To Pedal at 8’ only: Choir and Gallery
To Great at 16’, 8’, and 4’: Swell, and Choir
To Great at 8’ only: Gallery
To Swell at  8’: Choir and Gallery
To Choir at 16’, 8’, and 4’: Swell
To Choir at 8’ only: Gallery

Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Choir to Pedal
Full Organ (Tutti) thumb and toe
Great to Choir manual transfer (thumb)

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